Already in the early 40th, Ural motorcycles were very successful and won over thanks to their strength, robustness, hardiness, and safeness. This tremendous success made a lot of enthusiastic fans , families, farmers, workers and sportsmen use the URAL as a work and a sport equipment, like a motorized horse.
The abilities of Ural with its up to now incomparable design, which has not been sacrificed to the streamlines of the wind tunnel, created a very special motorcycle character and made the URAL become a motorcycle legend.

The military roots of the Ural motorbikes have been conserved and continuously developed, thanks to modern technology,. The current two or three wheels models offer the following improvements: front wheel disk brake, electric starter with a Ducati ignition system as well as a more efficient Denso alternator, Herzog gearboxes, Italian fittings, in order to mention only some of them.

A Ural motorbike conveys a stunning and extraordinary riding experience,  due to Keihin carburettors the OHV boxer engine tackles the accelerator softly and works until 5,000 tours with success against the vigour of nowadays traffic ,  the hecticness of which does hardly attain the driver. Ural drivers see the world from another vantage point and that brings them more.

However, the material difference between Ural and other motorbikes lies much deeper. The unrivalled big load capacity, the 2-wheel-drive for a very good cross-country capability in all weathers, as well as the reverse and the solid metallic construction with modern simple technology, give it an unexcelled versatility making it unbeatable in its market segment. Ural motorbikes are all-purpose bikes - suitable for daily use – functional, reliable, solid, sporting, and of course are not made of plastic. They have the chassis frame of a tank, the heart of an off-road bike, and the soul of 3 generations’ Russian motorbike production.
Up to now Ural has built more than 3 millions carriages. They really have all you need in order to head for any point of the world at any season.

A motorcycle legend for everybody and for real 2-wheels-enthusiasts, -freaks and -fans. Ride Ural with your family, with your best friends. Take your camping equipment and drive off. Pleasure and fun are always tremendous for everyone. There is nothing in the world comparable to an Ural.