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The new URAL cT is an advancement on the Ural Model T. Basic idea of the cT: 1. Stripped down to allow for easy customization. 2. Very attractive price for still a lot of motorcycle with sidecar. The new URAL cT was designed for newcomers to the world of sidecar motorcycles and is very easy to handle. ​ The cT is lower and lighter than previous models, creating a bike that's easier to handle and faster through corners. It has 18 inches wheels with Heidenau K28 street tires, the sidecar chassis is a little bit lower and a little bit wider. Designed to take you effortlessly from a weekend getaway to school drop-off's, the cT has been designed for life's everyday adventures. cT as in"City Touring“.



Looking for a motorcycle with a sidecar that won't break the bank? The Tourist fills the bill. Equipped with leading link forks, both electric and kick starter, electronic ignition, and a roomy trunk, this rig is an affordable way to enter the world of sidecar motorcycling! From family rides, picnic excursions to trips to the market, or even as Fido's chariot, you'll be amazed by the versatility of this classic-looking rig.




Looking for a bike that can travel those snow-covered roads like no other? Look no further. In a class by itself, the Sportsman is the only motorcycle in the world manufactured with an on-demand sidecar drive. This street legal ATV gives you the ability to switch between single-wheel drive and the unbelievable traction of dual-wheel drive with the flip of a lever!




Just like its cousin, the Sportsman, with its on-demand sidecar drive, Ranger’s origins trace back to the military past of the Ural motorcycle family. Despite its clearly military upbringing, the Ranger is equally fit for more peaceful missions, such as fishing or hunting trips. If fishing or hunting is not your forte, you can still amaze your friends with the motorcycle’s ability to blaze through mud, sand and snow.




In 2018 the URAL company ended the production of its most beautiful model, the URAL Retro. Unfortunately. But already in 2019 a replacement for the Retro was born, named URAL Classic. The Classic builds flat, it runs on 18“ wheels. The chassis of the sidecar comes from the Retro model and has therefore less ground clearance and is a little bit broader compared to models Tourist / Sportsman / Ranger. Also the front telescopic fork from Marzocchi was taken from model Retro. Therefore the Classic is very nearly a URAL Retro.