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Ural in Media

Sex and the sidecar June 23, 2006 The Wall Street Journal
The Third Wheel

Russian Sidecar Motorcycle Offers a Really Retro Ride...continue ...

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Sex and the sidecar April 2006 Canadian Biker
Sex and the sidecar
The reproductive imperative is, of course, fundamental to our existence as a species. This has a number of serious implications for the dedicated motorcyclist. First, sex and the pursuit thereof can seriously interfere with valuable riding and wrenching time. continue ...

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March, 2005
Tales of a Winter Rider
There was a time when I really hated the winter. It meant one thing, no riding. continue ...

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March, 2005
IMZ Ural Patrol - Motorcycle sidecar Combination
For most riders, the term "motorcycle" means a two-wheeler. But while only a small minority of motorcyclists have any experience with them, motorcycles equipped with sidecars are still "motorcycles" as defined by law in just about every state. So, we decided it was time to retest the Russian-built sidecar rig, the Ural Patrol... continue ...

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Ural in Canada
March, 2005
Cycle Canada - URAL right
As motorcycles go, the Ural makes one hell of a history lesson. continue ...

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Ural Russian sidecar motorcycles in Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly 2004-10
MMM Goes On Patrol
I feel like an extra out of the movie The Great Escape. I'm rolling along through wooded back roads keeping a close eye to the hills expecting Steve McQueen to come tearing through at any moment. continue ...

Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly

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Ural Russian sidecar motorcycles in Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly 2004-10
Side Hacked
I've really wanted a sidecar for a very long time. The first time I drove one I was enthralled. It became a bit of an obsession after that. I looked at countless different models and setups. continue ...

Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly

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IT WAS A SCENE OUT OF 1941… EXCEPT THE flag was wrong. We were charging down an airstrip aboard what looked like 1939 BMWs. continue ...

© Road Bike

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Ural Troyka - A three-wheeled carrige
Its root means "three" and most of us can recall the image of three fog-breathing horses hauling Dr. Zchivago's troika across the snow. continue ...

Road RUNNER Magazine

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Russians parade through Galena
GALENA—A pack of bikers paraded through Main Street in Galena on a Saturday afternoon, and they each came with something extra for the ride- sidecars. continue ...

The Galena Gazette

Local shop revs up Russian motorcycles
When Alan Bond makes trips to Kroger he gets stared at and asked a lot of questions. That's not because of the way he looks (over 6 feet tall with a body resembling a tree trunk) continue ...

South Lyon Herald
David Knopp of Ava rides a Russian Utal Patrol offroad model with sidecar

Russian bike makes local inroads
Eyebrows rise as Dave Knopp rolls along on his Ural Patrol between his home in Ava and his job at Orion Bus in Oriskany. continue ...

The Observer-Dispatch
Gear-Up, street legal ATV with sidecar

Moto-Euro On Assignment
It’s still dark and a persistent drizzle oozes from the heavy sky. I pull the Moskvich to a halt at the border checkpoint and roll down the window. continue ...


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Patrol, offroad bike in snow 2004-2
Ride On
Not all Northeasterners packed it in for the winter. At least, not Don "Hard Core" Hibbard, who's riding through 12" of snow. continue ...

Road Bike

Ural wolf, around the world on a Ural 2003-10-29
Trek shows off Russian motorcycle
REDMOND -- The sun was shining on Sergey Sinelnik when he set out on 2,300 miles from Chugiak, Ala., to Redmond. continue ...

King County Journal

Russian sidecar motorcycles

Russian motorcycle tries to crack U.S. market
When Americans are asked to name motorcycles, they tend to think of Japanese Hondas, Suzukis and Kawasakis, German BMWs, maybe English Triumphs, Italian Ducatis and certainly our own Harley-Davidsons.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
classic sidecar motorcycle 2003-9-4
With three wheels on their wagons, thousands of American motorcyclists are rolling along. They're sidecar fans, who can trace their hobby to the turn of the 20th Century.

Chicago Tribune